JewishConnected provides professional, convenient & affordable online counseling.

We’re here to ensure that everyone has the ability & time to take care of their mental health.

We take away all excuses by making therapy:

  • Convenient– No more schlepping to the therapist’s office, video sessions take place from the comfort of your home.
  • Private- With sessions taking place at home, there’s no chance of bumping into anyone.
  • Effective- Studies have proven the effectiveness of online counseling.
  • More affordable– No paying extra fees like transportation or babysitting. We can connect you to a therapist/life coach in Israel for better rates.


Meet our esteemed Advisory Board:

Moshe (Richard) Zwolinski, LMHC, CASAC is the author of the patient advocacy and education best-seller  Therapy Revolution: Find Help, Get Better, and Move On Without Wasting Time or Money, an addiction and mental-health specialist, and consultant to federal and state government and non-government organizations. He serves on the Administrative Regulatory Relief Committee for NY State OASAS. He can be reached at rmz7 @ optonline dot net.


Miriam Manela, OTR/L, is the director of Thrive Occupational Therapy, her private occupational therapy practice housed in a unique sensory gym. In addition to her private practice, Miriam is known for her workshops and lectures for educators and teachers as well as health-care professionals (MDs, OTRs, psychologists, mental health counselors, social workers, substance abuse professionals, and others).


rabbi price

Rabbi Rehavya Price, M.D. practices a Mind-Body-Spirit approach to healing inspired by Jewish mysticism. Yale & Columbia University trained, he is a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology and serves on the faculty of Cornell Medical School/New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Yeshiva educated since his youth, he has studied under many great Hasidic masters. His unique education and experience allows for holistic treatment drawing from the very best state-of-the-art science combined with time-honored ancient healing wisdom. He has a private psychotherapy and psychopharmacology practice for teens, adults and couples in Monsey, New York.


Ed Yisroel

Dr. Yisroel Susskind is a clinical psychologist who practices locally ( in Monsey, New York) and internationally (over the telephone and internet). He lectures worldwide on topics involving Torah, psychology, marriage and interpersonal relationships. He can be reached via email ( or by phone ( 845-425-9531).



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