Miriam Adahan’s Complete A.C.T. Course

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If you are really serious about become a better person and a better parent then the A.C.T. PDF Course by Dr. Miriam Adahan is for you.



Miriam Adahan’s A.C.T. Course


Can I ask you a honest question?

Do you ever find yourself reacting as a parent the exact same way your own parents reacted to you?

Even if you deep down you know that it’s really wrong?

Do you sometimes wish that you can stop passing on these harmful behaviors to the next generation?


You can change your impulses, reactions and behaviors but you need the tools.

A.C.T. will teach you how:

  • To be patient instead of angry
  • Kind instead of cruel
  • Self-disciplined rather than impulsive
  • Most of all, to behave in a dignified manner despite marital problems, sleepless nights, work pressures, financial insecurities, scars from your own childhood, endless irritations and disappointments as well as children’s insolence, tantrums, squabbles, emotional problems and learning disabilities.

Instead of getting angry when children misbehave, A.C.T. teaches you to see these moments as opportunities to demonstrate self-discipline and compassion.


A.C.T. is especially helpful for those who are not by nature cheerful, organized, confident or calm. It helps you change your own negative childhood programming so that you do not pass harmful behaviors on to the next generation.


Want to gain the most from this course? Download the printable 26 Page PDF course of it now.


What will you stand to gain from the Complete A.C.T Course?

  • Immediate access to the complete course, so that you can read the entire course at your convenience.
  • Printable version, so that you can have it by your bedside to constantly review it as you implement the change.
  • Bonus material, extra examples and helpful tips that is only included in the PDF format.
  • Clear & Concise, it’s clean and neat and makes for a real easy reading.
  • You own it, you have the complete course in your hands which will empower you to be the best parent possible.


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